Step 1/3: choose a trading pair

1. Select assets



2. Select swap type


Confirm your choice

You are about to sell DUCO.
Current sell price is
2e-8 BCH per 1 DUCO.

How to use the DUCO Exchange?

  • Select a desired exchange pair - e.g. DUCO to XMG
  • Fill in the swap form - enter how much are you swapping and connect your wallets
  • Wait for your exchange request to be processed - you'll be notified by an e-mail from us
    (some exchanges are processed manually - they may take up to 72 hours)
  • Receive exchanged assets directly in your desired crypto wallet - you can see
    our last exchanges in the chain explorers: XMG TRX BCH DUCO

How it works?

Since 2019, the official DUCO Exchange allows Duino-Coin users to quickly exchange their Duino-Coins to other cryptocurrencies and assets. At first, only Coin Magi was supported, but new coins came in quickly. Currently you can choose one of many trading pairs to convert your DUCOs into more usable coins.
Assets are stored inside our reserves and distributed accordingly to the liquidity. When you swap coins with DUCO Exchange the system automatically subtracts Duino-Coins from your account and sends you the second exchanged asset directly to your wallet.