DUCO Exchange

ᕲUCO Exchange

Probably the easiest way to exchange your crypto assets.
Currently we support the following coins:

more trading pairs coming soon

How it works

  1. Select desired cryptocurrency exchange pair (e.g. DUCO to BYND)
  2. Fill in the exchange form (provide your username, exchanged amount and so on)
  3. Wait for your assets to be exchanged - you'll be notified by an e-mail from us
  4. Have your funds exchanged!

User reviews

Average service rating from EMF Feedback: 7.5/10

Terms of service

DUCO-Exchange is an online service which allows users to exchange digital assets (Duino-Coin, Bitcoin Cash, Likecoin, Beyondcoin and Coin Magi) between themselves.
Minimum exchangeable amount is a value of 200 DUCO (Duino-Coin).
Exchange requests are processed manually and may take up to 72 hours.
If applicable, fees from other cryptocurrencies are subtracted from the exchanged amount.

Exchanges can be rejected if:

In rare cases exchange requests may not be completed because of:

Trading is a risky activity and is not endorsed by us.
You are responsible for your funds and we are not responsible for your actions.
If you'll face any problems, please write to us - see the Contact page.
You can also request adding of new coins - see the Listing form page.
We're open to adding any new cryptos who suit the criteria.