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After sending the exchange request you should receive an e-mail informing about the state of the transaction within the next 72 hours.
Exchange request may be rejected if it's against DUCO Exchange ToS or Duino-Coin ToS.

Current exchange rates

When selling: 1 DUCO ≈ NANO
When buying: 1 DUCO ≈ NANO
Transaction fee: 0 NANO

This exchange pair doesn't have a high liquidity. Consider selecting another exchange pair.
Exchange rate on this pair could be better - if you want to change that - buy some DUCO.
This exchange pair supports QuickExchange. When selling you will receive your funds quickly in your NANO wallet without the need of our manual confirmation.

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If you're selling, you will receive 0.000190 NANO (≈$0.115)
If you're buying, you will pay 0.000360 NANO (≈$0.201)

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